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In the Press
For press inquiries, contact our office at 305-663-7195, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Television & Video

Sept. 2013
WSVN 7 News
Emmy award winning anchor Lynn Martinez interviews a family whose four-year-old child, born male, knows herself to be a little girl. The segment features YES Institute Executive Director Rachel Sottile Logvin.
  CBS4 News & Eve Leivas-Andino Feb. 2012 CBS4 News & Views
Two-part investigative series about gay youth who are kicked out of their homes and the process of family acceptance with Eva Leivas-Andino.
Feb. 2011 PBS In The Life
YES Institute is showcased in this mini-documentary by In the Life Media. Interviews with youth, their parents and Executive Director Rachel Sottile Logvin are featured.
Apr. 2008
Middle school students from NYC’s Ethical Culture Fieldston School share what they learned in YES Institute’s Communication Solutions™
for students.

Univision Premier Impacto
(Spanish with English subtitles).
This news segment won the 2010 GLAAD Spanish Language Media Award. Delving into the experiences of transgender young people, it also shows the work of YES Institute.
  CBS4 News & Eve Leivas-Andino
Dec. 2011
Anderson Cooper Show
YES Institute Board Member Dr. John J. Martin and volunteer Rajindra speak about illegal cosmetic surgery ‘doctors’ who prey upon the transgender community.

Blogs & Print

Surviving the Jolt - Eva Leivas-Andino talks about her son, Paolo Andino and YES institute.
Sept. 2011
MTV Act Blog Posts
Three-part blog on the work of YES Institute preventing gender and orientation-based bullying in US schools.

Oct. 2010
Miami Herald
Letter to the editor written by Rachel Sottile Logvin, Executive Director, published in the Miami Herald.
  Aug. 2011 Daytona Beach News-Journal
Education feature reporting on the two-day training for 65 teachers and counselors with Volusia County Public Schools on gender transitioning students.


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